Congrats to C.C. Finlay, among other stuff …

July 25, 2007

  • Congratulations to Charles Coleman Finlay, who has signed a three book contract contract with Del Rey/Random house. He’s the author of The Prodigal Troll and several additional “Maggot” stories in F&SF, and also writes about Proctor Brown, a Massachusetts minuteman who discovers he’s a witch, and who, I believe, is the main characters in one of the contracted books. His latest story is “An Eye for an Eye” in the June Fantasy and Science Fiction.

I don’t know Charlie, but I’ve seen him roaming the hall at Context where he does his writing workshop, and playing moderator of the Balderdash-based “Out of Context” panel last year (which, by the way, was a hoot — read the results via the link). Seems a good sort. Charlie also does the Blue Heaven writing workshop, which I fantasize about participating in sometime and which will probably never happen, alas.

  • I was sorely bummed to hear recently that American Heritage magazine is closing down, having been published since 1954 by Forbes. This was a classy magazine, full of good, nicely written but easily read information, not the usually light weight same ol’ history crap. I still have a stash of them in my closet from when I subscribed years ago.

I love the comment about this at the bottom of the article, by the way, from PamelainParis via her Huffington Post comment page.

Where did all the curiosity go? You’re absolutely right about the trend in US culture away from self betterment. Frankly, it terrifies me. Minimum effort seems to be the operating principle in the culture these days. And an entire culture that lacks intellectual curiosity bodes ill. I think this laziness explains the country’s current dire situation. People just believe what they’re told because it’s easier than thinking or researching. I was teaching French at a community college not long ago, and I’m the mother of a 22-year-old. I’ve noticed among this generation an unwillingness to delve. I dubbed them the one-click generation. And we’ll be passing the torch to them.

The “one-click generation.” Great description!

  • John Scalzi had a nice twitch going on the other day with a post you should read:

Realistically speaking, neither Bush nor Cheney will ever be punished in any material way for what they’ve done to the laws and Constitution of our nation. Deal with it. Get over it. And then focus on what’s actually important: Restoring our laws and our Constitution so that the next time there’s an unrepentant jackass in the White House, he or she is unable to do nearly as much damage as this particular unrepentant jackass. Going after Bush and Cheney when the Constitution needs our help is like being at the scene of a car accident and spending all your time yelling at the unscathed drunk driver who caused the accident while his victim is bleeding to death at your feet. Do something useful, for God’s sake. Save the victim, already.

While there, you can check out a frighteningly dorky “Time Stand Still” video of Rush from 1990. Geddy is not the most handsome fellow on the best of days, and this is not one of them.


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