Throw your hands up and yell “Surprise!”

July 11, 2007

Dr. Richard Carmona, a former surgeon-general who served from 2002-2006, is charging that the Bush administration often muzzled him on issues that didn’t fit the administration’s political agenda. Carmona claims that his speeches were “scrubbed for politically sensitive contect,” and that he wasn’t allowed to speak or issue reports on stem cells, emergency contraception, sex ed, and that officials tried to water down a report on second-hand smoke.

Carmona also says he was “discouraged” from attending the Special Olympics because of that organizations ties to a “prominent family,” the Kennedys, and that he wasn’t allowed to tout the effectiveness of teaching about condoms as well as sexual abstinence.

Throw your hands up and yell “Surprise!”

According to The Washington Post, last year a NASA scientist and other climate researchers claimed the administration made it difficult for them to speak “in a forthright manner” about global warning. An assistant FDA commissioner also resigned her post, citing that the administration was delaying approval of “Plan B,” the “morning after pill.”

It should be fairly obvious to any observer that the Bush administration touts politics and theology over science and common
sense, but this is political interference in public health.

The problem is that this administration has crossed the line so many times, in so many areas, that it’s hard to get excited about it anymore. They’re like little kids skipping back and forth across a rain puddle or crack in the sidewalk. It’s simple normal operating procedure for BushCo.

But here’s a charge that really kind of freaks me out: Carmona says he was ordered to mention President Bush three times on every pages of his speeches.


Does this sound like marketing of a demagogue to anyone else?


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