Allegedly, they happen in 3s ….

July 3, 2007

Walter Jon Williams has a nice, if short, commentary on the life and death of Berserker author Fred Saberhagen, who died this week.

During his final illness, Fred woke one morning after having dreamed of chorizo eggs from a local restaurant. His family got him the eggs, which he enjoyed. The next morning, when asked what he’d like to eat, he replied, “I have had no prophetic dreams about breakfast this morning.”

Sterling Lanier, who wrote Hiero’s Journey, a book from my long-ago years that I have boxed up in my closet, passed away last week. In 1965, Lanier pushed the publishing firm he worked for to publish Frank Herbert’s Dune.

Also, Roger Elwood passed away the previous week. Elwood edited several short fiction anthologies in the 70s including Epoch, with Robert Silverberg, that I also have boxed up with hundreds of other SF books.


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