Literary and other (link) madness…

June 16, 2007

Paul Melko has sold a novel to Tor based upon his Nebula, Hugo, and Sturgeon nominated novella, “The Walls of the Universe.” Very cool that!

Tobias Buckell’s Ragamuffin is officially out, though kayleigh and I snarfed up an early copy at Marcon. Go buy it.

Midwestcon/Relaxacon is next weekend here in Cincinnati at the Double Tree in Blue Ash, but kayleigh and I aren’t sure we’re attending this year. We’re heading to Archon in August though, and of course, Context, with a hope for Conglomeration in Louisville the weekend after Archon/NASFiC. Conglomeration will move to April next year, both a good and bad thing. It will be a long stretch from Marcon to Context next year.

Finished reading Einstein, and A Pirate of Exquisite Mind, about William Dampier, explorer, naturalist, and buccaneer who circumnavigated the globe three times in the late 1600s and became a best-selling author. Dampier accurately charted the south Pacific wind currents (without the use of longitude!), was the first to use the terms “seabreeze,” “stilts,” and “sea lion,” among many others, and brought words like “posse,” “serrated,” and “tortilla” into the English language. He was also the first to describe marijuana use by the people of Vietnam. One incident in his books inspired Daniel Defoe to write Robinson Crusoe, and his books were taken by Charles Darwin on the Beagle, and by James Cook on his trip around the world. Dampier, not Cook, was the first to lead an expedition to Australia and document its wildlife.

Also finished listening to the audio version of Ron McLarty’s Traveler, his second book. Very enjoyable. There’s definitely something to be said for listening to an author read his own work, especially McLarty, who is also an actor and has been an audiobook narrator for years. I highly recommend McLarty’s first novel, The Memory of Running in audio! Both are available from

Received the first two volumes of David Drake’s collected Hammer’s Slammers stories. Oh yea. These were added to the increasingly large stacks of unread books that seem to sway forward in threatening fashion from my bookshelves.

I wanted to mention a blog I like reading, FlaggerX’s The Inside Corner. Some good, sensible entries worth reading, many on politics. Some I don’t agree with, some I do, but of course I love the well-deserved brickbats at BushCo! I’ve seem FlaggerX buzzing around a couple of conventions but haven’t spoken with him other than a ‘hi, how are you?’ thing. Maybe one day we’ll chat, or, maybe not 🙂

A brief example from June 7:

One sign of the apocalypse came tuesday when during the GOP candidates debate Sam Brownbeck said he’d use tactical nuclear weapons on Iran to take out those centrifuges. Guliani was more modest saying that he didn’t think they were necessary.

So let’s get this straight: The way to win votes from half the population of this country is to threaten to initiate a nuclear war.

We don’t live in interesting times, we live in twisted times.


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