Scalzi at Joseph-Beth, Cincinnati

May 31, 2007

Tonight I’m heading down to Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Cincinnati to listen to John Scalzi talk about whatever John Scalzi talks about — in this case, probably his latest book The Last Colony, which I happened to start reading last night.

For anyone interested, here’s Scalzi’s appearance at Google earlier this year. I love his idea of books being “proformative,” (or is that “performative?”), meaning that, with something like music, DVDs, and CDs, you need another piece of equipment to utilize them. But books, all you do is pick it up and begin reading because “the software is in your head,” he says.

I’ll probably take my copy of You’re Not Fooling Anyone When You Take Your Laptop to the Coffee Shop: Scalzi on Writing for an autograph. Hey, I’m a fan too!

I knew this was a limited edition but a copies are selling from $198-$345 on Amazon resellers?! Holy crap.


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