Marcon 2007

May 28, 2007

kayleigh and I spent a few days in Columbus at Marcon, which saluted Douglas Adams this year. A lot of people carrying towels and wearing bathrobes, a con suite full of fish paraphernalia, and dealer items with DON’T PANIC written on them.

Author Timothy Zahn was there, Tim Waggoner, Michael Williams, and Geoffrey Gerard, whom we saw at Louisville’s Conglomeration. Andromeda’s Kevin Sorbo and Steve Bacic were also there as media guests and seemed very approachable, especially Bacic, who goofed off with fans, taking their pictures, climbing on a table, and jumping a pyramid of women and letting people take pictures of him in mid-flight.

kayleigh managed to snag me a copy of Tobias Buckell’s new novel, Ragamuffin, which really isn’t due for release until June. Tobias had dropped off a few advance copies at a bookseller’s booth. He was on a couple of panels as was his editor from Tor, Paul Stevens, and there was some interesting discussion about the writing, editing and revision process on a couple of panels with those two and author Wen Spencer, who had been the GoH at Millenicon.

There didn’t seem to be as many people dressed up this year, or maybe it’s just that there were no stand-outs or that we’re simply getting used to Marcon, probably the latter. The masquerade folks keep us entertained, but I’m not sure how someone dressed in a Hostess Twinkie suit and another person dressed up as a cow with udders fits in. There was an older man dressed up as an anime girl, with skirt, bobbie socks and Mary Janes, vastly frightening, but we didn’t see him again after the first night’s stroll through the lobby so maybe the police picked him up 🙂 I think the best was the young lady in a corset with ‘three’ breasts. As kayleigh took her picture, the girl looked around and somewhat exasperatedly explained that she was “being pursued by a herd of 12 year olds.”

We arrived Friday afternoon, and left Sunday at noon. It’s annoying, by the way, to have to check out of your room by noon but have the con go until three or four in the afternoon. The Hyatt lets you park your luggage down by the desk, but who wants to leave a $2000 laptop or $400 camera stuck in their suitcase with a chance of theft? Not us. So we sublimated our displeasure and went to Schmidt’s German restaurant for some brautwurst, sauerkraut, and one of their well-known and decadent 1/2 pound vanilla cream puffs, which made up for it all a bit.

Next up, the Relaxacon, attendance still in the air, and then Archon in St. Louis, which we’re looking forward to. Haven’t decided yet on Conglomeration in Louisville the weekend after Archon. We enjoyed it a great deal last year and would like to make it back, but after a trip to St. Louis, we’re not sure.


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