Mr. Bush and History ….

May 1, 2007

I’ve been quiet for a while now concerning one G.W. Bush, our current President. The second veto of this dazed and confused presidency, that of the war funding bill that put a timeline on troop withdrawal, defies logic. Of course, we peons, the lowly citizens of the United States, realize by now that this entire presidency has hardly been built on logic. This doesn’t make things easier to swallow unfortunately. It still tastes like a mouthful of shit.

“I recognize that many Democrats saw this bill as an opportunity to make a political statement about their opposition to the war,” Bush said today. “They’ve sent their message, and now it is time to put politics behind us and support our troops with the funds they need.”

I am sorely tempted to insert a BUAHAHAHAHAAA here. But this isn’t the Comedy Channel. This is the real world.

Um, wouldn’t have SIGNING the bill given the troops the funds they needed, Mr. Bush?

Put politics behind us? Put politics BEHIND US? What do you fucking think you’re doing now, Mr. Bush? What have you been doing for the past 6 years? You’ve had a blank check endorsed by the Republican Congress to do what you wanted with our sons, our daughters, our lives, and the money in the US Treasury. Wasn’t that playing politics, or simply business as usual? What does this veto actually show except you at your stubborn best, a self-righteous demagogue who refuses to acknowledge past blunders, let alone attempt to correct them? Again and again in your presidency you have simply refused to take your blinders off to see past your self-induced tunnel vision. You have taken all credit, but refused responsibility.

A CNN poll puts 60% of Americans siding with Congress. Let me repeat: SIXTY PERCENT side with Congress — the same Congress who sent this spending bill to you, that wants a pull-out from Iraq a YEAR from now. That’s almost two-thirds of the American public, Mr. Bush — more than the amount of Americans that elected you President.

YOU are the one playing politics, Mr. Bush. But the problem is, you’re not playing at all. You’re the kid who refuses to share his candy with the parents that bought it for him, or the kid who refuses to share his crayons with the kid who brought the paper. Remember “democracy?” You know, democracy, that thing you keep trying to force on other countries? In democracy, see, the majority rules (or should I say, it did, until you were elected?). So tell me, how do you continue to righteously stomp your foot in indignation when two-thirds of Americans do not support your war, and only a third of Americans, 32%, do?

You ignore it, of course, as you’ve always done, as you’ve done the Constitution, the law, and the Geneva Convention. (Not to say the rules of grammar. Judging from this poll and your ability to spend other people’s money and blunder through all KINDS of figures, arithmetic was not your strong suit in school either.)

Oh, did I say ‘your war’ a moment ago? Yes, that’s how history is going to remember this war, Mr. Bush. Congratulations. I hope history remember the names of the people who have died because your private little sound bite opportunity and video game, too.

You say that the war spending bill substitutes “the opinion of politicians for the judgment of our military commanders?”

If you’re not a politician, Mr. Bush, what are you, exactly? You’re certainly not a military commander. You never were. You’re the guy who bailed on the National Guard, popped a few DUIs, drove a couple of companies into bankruptcy while managing to make it, then paid your way into the governorship of big-oil Texas and then to the presidency. You just happened to luck into “commander in chief” by way of the election. And because you’re president, guess what! — the military HAS to support you. That’s another thing about democracy.

Our military is paid to the do the job, even when it’s a job that’s fucked up and that you said was FINISHED 4 YEARS AGO after a photo-op jet landing on an aircraft carrier. Right now, the military’s job is to save their ass and hopefully the lives you’ve tossed into the shit holes of Iraq and Afghanistan. You couldn’t even wait to finish one war before beginning another. You’re not Washington, you’re not Grant, you’re not Eisenhower.

If history is kind, and I strongly suspect it won’t be, it will report that you were manipulated by forces behind the scenes (hi, Dick!).

America’s national debt is beyond comprehension now, Mr. Bush, beyond crushing. You’ve involved us in two wars with thousands dead, and you still refuse to believe you might have fucked up and are wrong, and that you might – just might! — have made a mistake. You won’t even ACKNOWLEDGE that possibility. That’s called denial, Mr. Bush. It’s called fanaticism. You are a fanatic in denial, Mr. Bush.

The American people’s mistake was electing you. We’ll take the blame for that. We furthered our mistake in electing you TWICE. But it’s time for you to leave town. It’s time for you to go away. It’s time for you to stop wasting lives, time, and money. You got our country — OUR country, Mr. Bush — and our military into this mess, and you refuse to even consider helping get people out of it because of stubborn pride, or gross stupidity, who knows? Maybe you want to hold out until the next election so you can blame the failure on someone else, as always. Or maybe you’re being fed a line of crap by the hands stuck in your back.

Who is playing politics indeed, Mr. Bush. I’m one of the 60% who say it’s time to get the hell out of Dodge. I think you’ve fucked up Iraq as much as possible now. Your job is finished. You can go home. You can retire, and pretend you wrote your memoir all by yourself.

As much as I despise the current election process and the whole mind-numbing, mudslinging, lying, money spending endeavor, I will be glad when it really begins, because that means there will be a light at the end of the tunnel and of your tunnel-vision, Mr. Bush.

Yes, you have had a lasting effect on the world, and on future generations. It will be YEARS until the messes you’ve made are cleaned up, if ever, and years before we can dig our way out of debt, and perhaps most importantly, regain our country’s honor.

But you will be gone and history, I hope, will not be kind.


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