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April 27, 2007

Things have not been exactly hectic around here. I’ve just been somewhat dull(ed). I’ve rebuilt my MacBook, done some reorganizing of some online applications I use regularly and set up a new wiki on my personal site, bought a new camera, and finished David Drake’s second RCN book, Lt. Leary Commanding. I’ve now started John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War.

I had several notes from the news over the last few days I meant to comment on, but ended up tossing them as it’s now old news. Alas. But there is still this filler:

Stephen Hawking in zero G. This just tickles the heck out of me. I can think of no other living person who deserves this more than Hawking.

Kirk Cameron, actor and Christian activist, says he will finally prove the existence of God in a debate on May 5, filmed by ABC for “Nightline.” Cameron does the “Left Behind” movies. “I am amazed at how many people think that God’s existence is a matter of faith,” he says. “It’s not, and I will prove it at the debate – once and for all. This is not a joke. I will present undeniable scientific proof that God exists.” I wish him luck.

Tobias Buckell’s Crystal Rain is a finalist for the Locus Awards in the first novel category. His next novel, Ragamuffin, is due June 19. You can download the first chapter here. He’s going to continue posting chapters. Cool.


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