Mourning Kurt Vonnegut …

April 12, 2007

There is some definite Vonnegut irony involved when I write about the influence Kurt Vonnegut had on me growing up, read his work for the first time in years, and then discover that he has fallen, hit his head, and died a few weeks later.

The news came over NPR this morning. I admit to feeling a lump in my throat during the very long, rainy drive into work.

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One Response to “Mourning Kurt Vonnegut …”

  1. Anya Gianlorenzi Says:

    Hi ho. I just joined the humanist group in town yesterday – my reason was because of Kurt Vonnegut. My husband brought him up at a business meeting yesterday. I had no idea he was even hurt. I think that all of these “coincidences” are apropos, considering the odd pairings that he often wrote about (Sirens of Titan immediately comes to mind). I am in mourning indefinitely.

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