Seven years ago …

April 7, 2007

Seven years ago today I met kayleigh for the first time “in real life.” We’d been talking for 3 months in various online chat venues, and lived only 25 minutes apart, but we’d never even spoken before on the phone when I pulled into her apartment parking lot and turned off my car.

I sat there a moment wondering whether she was looking out the window, waiting. and what she was thinking at that instant. I think I knew then, if not before, that my life was about to change dramatically.

I dialed her number on my cell. A quick tentative hello, and I asked, “Are you ready?” or some other sort of foolishness.

“Where are you?” she asked. I could hear the nervousness in her voice.

“In the parking lot.”

“Oh shit.”

It amuses her now that one of the very first things she ever said to me was ‘oh shit.’

I got out of the car, walked up the sidewalk, entered the building, and started up the steps to the third floor. When I looked up I could see the tips of gym shoes sticking off the edge of the top landing. “Hello?” I heard her say above me.

I turned as I went up the steps, and saw her for the first time. Jeans, the gym shoes, a peach top. Brown hair. She was smiling, holding tightly to the landing railing with both hands. I grinned, spread my raincoat wide, and said, “Look, no leather, no latex.”

She laughed.

And yes, both my own and her life, had changed dramatically.

And I will never, ever, be able to express how grateful I am that they did.

Here’s to us, lassie. Here’s to you. I love you. Always.


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