Hugo Nominees are out …

March 29, 2007

So the Hugo nominations are out, and it looks pretty cool.

Mike Resnick and Joe Siclari’s Worldcon Guest of Honor Speeches (ISFiC Press) is nominated, as is Resnick’s novelette “All the Things You Are” (Jim Baen’s Universe, October 2006). Resnick keeps accumulating nominations, and awards for that matter. [Update per Mike’s comment below, his novelette can be read online here.]

Cooler still is that Paul Melko’s Nebula nominated novella, “The Walls of the Universe” (Asimov’s, April/May 2006) is also nominated. This is turning out to be a very good year for Paul, with two major award nominations, his first book scheduled for publication, and an addition to family. [Actually, the publication of Singularity’s Ring was moved to ’08, oops].

Steven Silver, whom kayleigh and I have met a couple of times and find extremely knowledgeable and just a plain nice guy, and who published the Worldcon Speeches above, is nominated as fan writer. But in a weird twist, 2006 John W. Campbell Award winner John Scalzi, whose Old Man’s War was nominated as best novel the same year, is now nominated as a fan writer. Huh?


One Response to “Hugo Nominees are out …”

  1. Mike Resnick Says:

    If anyone would like to read my Hugo-nominated novelette, it’s been made available by Jim Baen’s Universe at:

    — Mike Resnick

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