A boring catch-up post simply to use space…

March 10, 2007

kayleigh was away last weekend, visiting her son who immediately deployed to Japan. I’m somewhat jealous.

Brad Delp, the lead singer of the group Boston has died. I never much cared for Boston but they were that inevitable group one is almost forced to listen to while growing up. Still.

The FBI has used the Patriot Act illegally. Surprise.

My 17 year old water heater finally blew last week, soaking my living room and a small bedroom. To remove the water heater from the cramped closet, I had to remove part of the door frame, which now needs to be replaced. This spring I’ll probably need a new roof. Yeah.

My boss at work is happy to spend $300 of company money for RAM for his desktop, but won’t spend $40 for me a keyboard. Luckily, another department ordered it for me. It’s good to have friends.

Convention season has arrived with Cincinnati’s Millennicon, thank goodness. kayleigh and I will be roaming the halls for that one.

Once again, I wish we could roam our way far far away.

And Captain America is allegedly dead, assasinated by a sniper’s bullet on the federal courthouse steps. There’s been a civil war among super heroes, some for registering their secret identities with the feds — lead by billionaire industrialist Tony Stark, aka Ironman, who apparently manipulated all kinds of things to get registration to happen, with the losing side lead by Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, not wanting to give up their secret identities.
What the hell. What. the. hell.


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