Orac knows….yet again

February 17, 2007

Orac, the mildly caustic (~cough) surgeon/scientist who runs the respected but insolent Respectful Insolence blog as well as the Skeptic’s Circle, apparently took exception to being included as a member of the Dr. Doom club with pseudo-Dr. Dooms who took the same internet test he did in trying to find out which comic book super villain they were all all best suited to be. Attempting to prove his own Doom-worthiness, Orac has asked some questions of the pseudo-Dooms that only the real Dr. Doom would know.

Last week, in the commentary after taking yet another silly Internet test, one that happened to reveal that the supervillain that I’m best suited to be is Doctor Doom, there were others who also tested as Doctor Doom. In order to separate the real Doom from the Doombots, I asked a few simple questions to which Doom would know the answer:

1. Can any of these Doom impostors, without reference to the Internet or other references, tell us the name of Victor von Doom’s father and what it was he did for a living?

2. Who was von Doom’s faithful retainer back in the early days?

3. What is the vow that Doom made over his mother’s grave?

Answers after the jump.


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