White death and Khozyain ranting….

February 13, 2007

I don’t know what it is but a good many people in Ohio go into throes of panic when it snows. Yes, it sometimes gets bad, but for several years now, schools and businesses are closing before the first flake even comes down, and I KNOW I went to school in far worse weather! Are schools afraid of some type of liability in this sue-everyone environment?

I get to work earlier than most everyone in my office. I’ve usually been at work for one, two, sometimes three hours before some employees show up. And I leave earlier than they do, having found that I can get more done in the first few hours of the day than the rest of the day — and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let my work take over my real life.

What bugs me is that, though I am salary like the majority of people here, most everyone else in the office can work from home at whim and I am unable to do so. My manager, who lives 5 minutes away, works from home every single Friday — and I know, for instance, that every other Friday he’s actually on his way upstate to pick up his daughter, so he’s not working at all.

Yet I, who live about 45 minutes away in good weather, am expected to be here come hell or high water, or, in this case, snow and ice. This isn’t my manager’s “fault” per say. It just comes with a job that involves lots of hands-on stuff in IT that simply can’t be handled remotely, and I recognize that. But there are some times times, like in the past few weeks, that working from home for a few hours would be nice — answering my email and taking some phone calls — in other words, exactly what everyone else does when they “work from home.”

Yet today, here I am. There are less than 2 dozen people in the building at the moment, and I’ve gotten several calls and voice mails from people at home asking me to assist them because they’re having problems connecting to work via VPN, or to their work desktops.

Why is it always assumed that I am here (other than, because I always am)? How do some people get away with coming into work at 10 and leaving at 5, claiming they worked from home that morning? Why am I always expected to be here, from 45 minutes away, when even my manager doesn’t show up from 5 minutes away?

End of rant.


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