Spammed by my father…

January 25, 2007

My father seems to delight in sending me right wing, holier-than-thou Republican propaganda. I’ve told him before that he can stop this at any time, so he knows it annoys me. I told him this at Christmas and he laughed and told me that a father’s job is to teach his children the right thing, but if they could not learn the right thing, it was his job to persist. So I can imagine him sitting in the dimly lit basement in front of his computer, giggling as he hits forward with a kind of musical conductor flourish. Ha-HA!

This stuff — I think of it as spam — is usually sent to Dad by an aunt or uncle who still send out “news” from 1997, religious tracts, and a barrage of anti-Bill Clinton messages, not seeming to realize that, surprise, Bill is no longer president! (And yes, they were sending out anti-Hillary email long before she was elected a Senator and decided to run for president). They send reports of scams, scams themselves, bullshit statements, news and pleas easily proven untrue by a quick search of Google or Snopes.

One of my cousins tried a few times to point out that these things should be checked before being forwarded 150 times, but eventually he just gave up. It was a lost battle before it began. The fact that their “facts” are rarely checked annoys me no end, but the ‘Republicans are godly and perfect and Democrats are evil Satanic swine’ crap, well, that drives me bonkers.

I usually delete it immediately. Sometimes, I read it simply for the agitation effect, to enjoy deletion even more. Ha-HA, back atcha! Whatever the case, this spam drives me bonkers for a few reasons.

One, while I have definitely leaned towards the Democrats the past several years, the main reason I have is because the Republican behavior over the last 12 years or so in Congress, Newt Gingrich on, and because of this president. I despise GW, his cronies,and his policies with a passion.

But I don’t classify myself as a Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian, but as Independent with a capital “I.” I like to think of myself as someone who has some common sense and an ability to look at the facts before taking it as political gospel. I may even tell someone that, heh, they were right after all and I was wrong, which right now seems to be taking a far back seat in the White House. I like to think that I don’t have blinders on that prevent me from seeing the obvious, and that though I may not like it sometimes, I will compromise hoping for some common ground, and not bully my way forward simply because I’m stubborn (and I am; ask some people who know).

Two, it drives me bonkers simply because it drives me bonkers. I guess I’m annoying that I’m annoyed. Why should I care that my father takes some delight in setting me off (like this post)? Why should I care that my ultra-religious ultra-Republican aunts and uncles have no idea that what they send out annoys me? But my father does know, and it gives him some pleasure to ding his eldest son.

Finally, three. I’m annoyed because it makes me remember that I will hate the day when I no longer receive these infuriating, annoying emails from my father, because he will be gone.

I know I’ll hate that most of all.


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