SciFi rumblings, and a poor excuse for a post…

January 18, 2007

Miscellaneous science fiction type hoo-ha:

From the SciFi Wire, super prolific and busy Mike Resnick has taken on the role of executive editor of Jim Baen’s Universe.

Stargate SG1, leaving the air after their 10th season, have two television movies lined up.

Disney has optioned Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter series, hoping it will be the “next big thing.”

Tobias Buckell is having a bad time of it, having lost his wallet for the second time in a few months and apparently will have to jump through a few hoops and sacrifice a goat or two to get some important stuff back, like a social security card, driver’s license, and green card. Bummer. Personally, I like my minimalist wallet, but then I may not be charged with a misdemeanor for not having it.

Charlie Finlay, who seems a good sort, has started out the year in nice fashion with a novelet acceptance to F&SF.

From Paul Melko: ‘The fine folks at Asimov’s have posted the text of “The Walls of the Universe” at their site. Go read, if you’d like.’

Please do. It’s a cool as hell story and is on the preliminary Nebula ballot

And finally, kayleigh has (thankfully) gotten and coordinated the various convention travels for us this year and written it all down in one place. Now we shouldn’t have to ask ourselves “Did we already get our memberships to Marcon? Do we have hotel reservations for Archon? Are we on the right side of the hotel for Context?”

Barring problems, we will hit the usual stops: Millenicon and the Relaxicon in Cincinnati, Marcon and Context in Columbus, Archon in St. Louis, and possibly Conglomeration in Louisville (though it has the bad timing to be the weekend after Archon/NASFiC).


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