Preliminary Nebula Awards ballot online

January 10, 2007

The preliminary Nebula Award ballot is online. As mentioned in an earlier post, looks like Paul Melko should make it to the final ballot for his novella, “The Walls of the Universe.” Cool.

For purely fannish reasons, I’ve got high hopes for Tobias Buckell’s Crystal Rain and Jack McDevitt’s Seeker in the novel category. Looks like Jack has a short story nominated too, the intriguingly named “Henry James, This One’s For You.” I’ll have to find that one in Subterranean #2.

While kayleigh and I won’t be going to New York in May for the awards, we hope to end up in Austin in 2008. Likewise, since the Worldcon is in Japan this year, we’re both looking forward to a (tentative) trip to Collinsville/St.Louis in August for Archon 31. Archon 31 is also the 9th NASFiC, the 2007 North American Science Fiction Convention.


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