Bond, James Bond…. Scalzi, John Scalzi

November 26, 2006

Let me first say that I haven’t seen the new Bond Casino Royale yet, but I plan to. Let me also say I was kind of honked by the replacement of Pierce Brosnan, mainly because of the way Cubbie Broccoli’s son & daughter handled it — especially the daughter; she seems to wear the pants and says the most ridiculous things, seeming to insinuate that Brosnan’s portrayal of Bond was somehow to blame for the ludicrous scripts he’d been handed.

Brosnan’s first outing in Goldeneye was definitely the best of all post-Connery Bond movies, and revitalized the franchise, but his last, the god-awful Die Another Day with it’s ludicrous special effects — the arctic surfboard sequence being the worst example — and the Halle Berry hype, was a bummer of a movie to go out on.

I’ve been trying to give Daniel Craig a chance based up on reviews and the clips I’ve seen. But I don’t like the way they’ve changed 007’s history in some ways. For example, the female “M” played by Judy Densch in all the Brosnan flicks, and who had just become the new “M” in Goldeneye, is somehow the same “M” who brings Bond into double-0 status at the very beginning of his career. What? How did that happen?

Likewise the scene at the end of the film where Bond plays baccarat in the book is replaced by a game of Texas Hold’em. WTF! James Bond playing Texas Hold’em?

There’s no doubt that this will be a money maker though, if for no other reason than this is the first Bond flick ever shown in China!

Whatever the case, the original point of all this was that John Scalzi has a nice commentary on the Bond flicks and the rewriting of Brosnan’s contribution to the Bond franchise, and he says it better than I could, right here. Likewise, some of the comments are good too. The idea of Brosnan in the movie version of The Prisoner? Sweet!


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