Scott Rosenberg’s “Morning-after joke No. 1: ‘Gridlock looms’ “

November 8, 2006

I hope Scott Rosenberg won’t mind my posting his entire commentary today, but it’s too good to pass up.

This morning’s Wall Street Journal headline: “Wth Democrats’ Gain, a New Divide: Threat of Gridlock Looms As Republicans Lose in Key Battlegrounds.”

Let’s see. “New” divide? As if the nation’s politics haven’t been bitterly divided for years?

As to the “threat of gridlock,” it’s hard to imagine what “gridlock”
could be any more paralyzed and ineffectual than the previous
congressional term. With a clear majority in both houses and the White
House, the GOP was unable to do anything except prosecute a
disastrously bungled war and implode into a mess of shame and scandal.
If that’s “getting things done,” I’ll take the new gridlock any day!

This is important to watch — it’s one of the many spin-memes the
Republicans will be tossing out in coming days. “Beware of gridlock!
Democrats must roll over and play dead for the president or it will
harm the nation!” This and similar notions deserve to be skewered early and often.


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