Much ado about nothing….John Kerry’s “Bushism”

November 1, 2006

There seems to be much ado about nothing concerning John Kerry’s blundered joke. George Bush is a fine one to criticize verbal gaffs! Anyone ever look through the various “Bushism” calendars where GW looks more like Slip Mahoney of the Bowery Boys than the President?

I’m hoping that Kerry’s goof — and yes, it was a bad goof and ill-timed — isn’t as important to the election as CNN, Fox, and the other networks are trying to make it out to be. One would think that the networks were actually not covering real news and are simply taking a minor story to make their own news!

I’m hoping — hoping — that the people of this country realize that Kerry simply misspoke, as many people do, and that the administration is grasping at any straw they can to misdirect the American public away from years of Bush blunders, verbal and political.

Can you say “swift boat?”


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