Political ads and stupidity, a marriage made….

October 25, 2006

The latest round of political ads from embattled Republicans have gotten infinitely more ridiculous and stupid.  Their latest grasping at straws apparently centers around a series of ads around the country denouncing California’s Nancy Pelosi, who could assume Speaker of the House duties should the Democrats take control of the House.

This latest story about an ad from “Friends of Rep. John Hostettler,” a Indiana Christian fundamentalist who is battling to keep his seat in Congress, illustrates an ad campaign that either falls to a new low or a new level of stupidity, I’m not sure which.  On the one hand, telling people that California Rep. Nancy Pelosi “will then put in motion her radical plan to advance the homosexual agenda, led by [admitted homosexual Congressman| Barney Frank,” is hysterically funny.  On the other, it scares the shit out me because you know some people who don’t care to look at the facts will actually believe it at face value! 

Yesterday there was a report on National Public Radio (that bastion of liberal left-wing thinking!) about this latest strategy by the Republican party to hold onto their seats in Congress.  To begin with, only a small percentage of people know who Nancy Pelosi is, and fewer still care about her possibly becoming Speaker of the House (third in line to the presidency, btw).  Surveys show more people are concerned with the idiotic handling of the war in Iraq.  so even some Republicans have voiced concern over this bizarre campaign. 

Yet all over the country in embattled districts, the Republican party has dumped millions of dollars to try to frighten people about an imagined “left wing liberal agenda from California” in a blatant attempt at misdirection.

Let’s not talk about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the thousands of soldiers and civilians killed, the war on terrorism,  the inmates held in Guantanamo or clandestine prisons, the loss of civil rights by an administration with total disregard of the law, or who change the law to suit their purposes.  Let’s not talk about how the United States has lost face and influence all over the world due inept and out of touch handling of our country’s interests by the administration and the current Congress.  Let’s not talk about the Republican homosexual Mark Foley’s dubious connections with underage Congressional pages — oh heck no!

Let’s try to frighten voters about an imagined left-wing, liberal Democrat homosexual agenda from California !?

It just makes a person sick.


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