Working on a Sunday…

October 15, 2006

Have been working on my ongoing writing project this morning.  Couldn’t sleep, so got up and fixed some coffee, fired up the Mac, wrote in my journal and then surprised myself by working a couple of hours going through some rough drafts and revising my never ending little project. 

I have two programs I use for getting things together, both Windows-based, so I end up running them within Parallels since I’ve been using the MacBook.  TreePad  is a wonderful database/PIM/ outliner/organizer/word processor/everything which I can also carry on a USB.  It keeps notes, images, links, and allows for all kinds of personalized functionality, and you can even create websites with it.  I use the TreePad Safe version which allows for encryption and password protection.  For the past couple of months it’s been holding my entire life (with backups!).  I’m fine with running it via Parallels but I’m looking  forward to the reported Mac version coming in 2007.

The other program I utilize in admittedly haphazard fashion as it’s got more functions than I want to get lost in exploring, but it’s definitely a useful, interesting, and frankly impressive program by Black Obelisk Software,  Liquid Story Binder.  (There is also a Yahoo Group discussion group.)  Liquid Story Binder allows for document management, plot and chapter outlines, work statistics, story boards and timelines, backups, USB portability, all kinds of neat stuff.  Worth checking out.



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