Context 19, Columbus

October 9, 2006

Context 19. kayleigh and I went to several author readings — Mike Resnick, Maureen McHugh, Paul Melko, Lucy Snyder. An apologetic Dave Creek didn’t realize he was supposed to have a reading and so didn’t have anything to read with him, though he did tell us he was to have a novella cover story for Analog sometime next year.

Went to an interesting panel about L. Frank Baum, the creator of the Oz books, and another on authors blogs which should have included megablogger Tobias Buckell but didn’t — probably because he was teaching one of the writing workshops. We all shared the cheesecake Maureen McHugh was presented with by the Context folks during that panel. We also went to Maureen McHugh’s GoH interview and the Mike Resnick roast. Resnick had the best lines in his follow-up.

Spoke briefly with Dave Creek and Paul Melko, and kayleigh caught Tobias Buckell in the elevator where she told him how much she liked Crystal Rain. She ended up with a signed copy the next day. Maureen autographed Mothers and Other Monsters, the short story collection I finished the evening before we left for Columbus. Very nice lady, very down to earth.

Back to our alternate reality now.


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