New toy redux… and a complaint…

October 3, 2006

Yesterday, a purchase of a Macbook Pro, 15.4″ high gloss screen, 2 ghz, 512 RAM (which I’ll upgrade myself later).  The Apocalypse has begun.  I have a Mac.

Very cool, looks great, fired right up and setup was easy, and it runs great — except for one minor but  increasingly aggravating thing: the space bar chirps like a bird when you hit it, which, for someone who does a lot of typing, is distracting as hell.  It sounds like air is being pushed through the rubber nibs that the key is attached to, like a small fireplace bellows.

It seemed to get worse as the night progressed, and I called the Apple store about it this morning.  Rather than simply exchange my less-than-24-hour-old purchase, they wanted me to show it to a tech — one of those curiously named “Mac Geniuses.”  Ugh.  So I scheduled an appointment at lunch and waited for my name to be called at the store just like I was sitting in a doctor’s waiting room (grrRRRRR!).

The tech took it behind a closed door and allegedly “changed the joints under the keyboard,” which may or may not smoke up my ass.  While I change PC laptops keyboards all the time, I’ve never pulled a Mac apart.  Whatever the case, it sounded fine until I got into an extended writing session a few hours later and the space key once again began squeaking the familiar bird chirp. 

I’ll work with it for a day or so but if doesn’t stop by Friday when kayleigh and I leave for Context, I’ll be stopping by the Apple store again.  I don’t see why they can’t just exchange the damned thing.

But except for getting the bird from the Apple store, I’m quite enamored.


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