Bush: 1, Rights: 0 (again) …

September 29, 2006

Does anyone else think this is an insult to our country, our people, our history?

[The bill]  would make illegal several broadly defined abuses of detainees, while leaving it to the president to establish specific permissible interrogation techniques. And it would strip detainees of a habeas corpus right to challenge their detentions in court.

Letting the president — this president? — say what is permissible torture, he who has already said that the population of Guantanamo have no rights whatsoever and can be held indefinitely without charge or trial?  This is just one thing in the past several years that goes against the whole premise of the United States, folks.

I can only hope that in the future our children and our grandchildren will consider this administration and its manipulation of law as an anomaly and not look back on this period as “the beginning” of our loss of freedom and rights.

 [Added: a most excellent commentary by John Scalzi on Bush and the other practitioners of moral cowardice.]


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