Thinking about toys….

September 27, 2006

The last few weeks I’ve been playing with a borrowed 17″ PowerBook G4. A DOS/Windows person all my life, I must admit it’s an interesting experience and a heck of a learning curve to some extent (where the hell is my right click?).

It’s intriguing me enough so that I’ve been looking at MacBooks. Switching to an new operating system would be an intimidating change but easier than most since the new Intel-based processors would allow me to run both Mac software and Windows if I used Parallels software. Running some old Windows programs would be a necessity, especially TreePad and some other work-specific software. But the Mac OS would give me access to more tools, such as OmniOutliner.

I couldn’t afford a 17″ screen, but the 13″ models are still pretty nice, either a 1.83 or 2.0 ghz processor, 512 RAM, and 60+ gig HD.

I do have a question for Apple about their curious pricing tier though. Why is there a $200 jump from the 2.0 ghz, 512 RAM, 60 gig HD system — in white — to the same specs except for an 80 gig hard drive — in black?

If you stick with the white color, you can upgrade from the 60 gig HD to 80 gig for 50 bucks. Are they really charging an extra $150 just for the black color?!


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