An evening alone…sort of.

September 10, 2006

Last evening I sat in the side yard and smoked a cigar.  It was one L. had given me a couple of years ago, I think,  a Cameroon-wrapped CAO, a 30th anniversary edition.  I don’t mind some of the cheaper brands I smoke but there is definitely something to be said for the more expensive brands.  This one, for example, simply held together and burned better, burning evenly all around.  With the Cameroon wrapper it had a very distinctive, crisp, dark smell while burning.  I miss getting together with L., smoking cigars and sipping gin & tonic. 

A mother deer and fawn just barely out of spots slipped up to the far apple tree after a few minutes.  I sat quietly when mother emerged from some brush,  jerking her head back and forth like a child in a swing trying to gain height.  They nibbled at some fallen apples, and periodically the fawn would suddenly leap in the air, kicking up heels and scampering about, legs shooting this way and that before settling to nibble a bit more.  Mother would eat, raise her head to look around, and then lower her head again for another quick bite or two before looking around again.

This went on for a while until the fawn suddenly bolted across the mowed field towards the tree line, gangly legs leaping and white-tail bobbing.  The mother jerked her head up and  almost did a double-take of surprise before taking off after junior.  I have no idea if junior got spooked and by what, or whether it suddenly decided to have a good run across an open field.  I heard both crashing about in the wood a bit later but neither came back out into the open. 

kayleigh is on her way home. She dipped her feet in the ocean.


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