Left to my own devices…

September 9, 2006

kayleigh is away this weekend, visiting her son,  a Marine stationed in SC.  It’s always a mixed-feeling thing when she goes away.  On the one hand, we’re both glad she’s  able to enjoy time with her son, but on the other we both hate her being far away.  In spite of our “relationship,”  I try not to interfere in family stuff, at least as much as possible.  The memory of her paranoid,  possessive and downright crazy ex-husband who hardly allowed her to see her own father keeps me mindful when it comes to certain things with us, especially concerning her family.  Of course, it helps to genuinely like most of the family I’ve met, like her brother and especially her grandmother, who is a very cool lady indeed.

I plan on doing a bit of geek stuff as always, reading a bit and perhaps catching up on some DVR’d television shows.  I have some work planned as well.  That’s the plan anyway but plans frequently go awry around here.  I either focus too intently on something when left to my own devices, or bounce in different directions like a pinball and end up not accomplishing anything I intended, though I usually accomplish something.



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