Photos of Tibet (1940s)

August 23, 2006

Been meaning to share this for a while, photos of Tibet taken from a U.S. expedition in 1942–43.  Two Army officers were sent from India to Tibet to explore the possibility of supplying the Republican Chinese under Chiang Kai-shek during World War II.

These photographs are “classic Tibet” in the minds of most people, before the Chinese invasion, before the escape and exile of the Dalai Lama, before the destruction of the Buddhist temples, and before the occupying Chinese began their decades of destroying the Tibetan countryside with pollution, “modernization,” and toxic waste.

These are photographs of the Tibetan people before the displacement from their own country, and before their imprisonment, abuse, torture, and death at the hands of the occupying Chinese.

Any clarification needed as to my opinion on the last 50 years of Tibetan history?


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