A few (old news) SF updates

August 19, 2006

  • SciFi Channel’s Stargate: SG1 got the axe after almost 10 seasons.  I hated the dumbing-down of Col. Jack O’Neil over the years, and disliked his “promotion” to a general (Jack as a general?! Give me a break!) due to the departure of Don Davis as General Hammond, but I did like the show a lot.  The current annoying Ori quasi-religion storyline needed to be trashed — but to kill the show right before the 200th episode was pretty smarmy given the fan base.  SciFi has done two stupid things in the past year or so (if you ignore the dozens of horrible movies about snakes, bugs and their “documentaries”).  The first was pulling the plug on the award-winning SciFi online magazine.  The second was this.
  • A new Melko is in the oven. Paul Melko and his wife Stacy are expecting Melko Spawn 4.
  • Tobias Buckell’s first novel, Crystal Rain, is on the preliminary Nebula ballot, very cool indeed.
  • And, an old Philip K. Dick video concerning A Scanner Darkly here.

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