Outlining and Outliner programs

July 27, 2006

Interesting article by Scott Rosenberg about outlining and outlining programs. This is a follow-up to a long-ago post which can be read here. Scott uses Ecco Pro, a very nice program I’ve used in the past. It’s no longer supported officially but has a loyal customer base that supports it via several websites, such as the Yahoo Groups page for Ecco users. The program is now free, too, which makes it even better. I remember paying a hundred bucks for it when a local software shop was going out of business years ago.
A very nice overview of several outlining programs can also be found here at John Redmond’s site. Take a look.

[Note: 8/1/06 Yet another Scott Rosenberg follow-up here, in which Scott comments on a 2004 essay by Julian Bond entitled “Outliners Considered Harmful.” One can hardly disagree when Bond writes: When you use a tool that encourages you to think in terms of hierarchies, everything looks like a hierarchy. Unfortunately the world is much much messier than that. Almost everything is actually a mesh not a hierarchy.]


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