Midwestcon II

June 25, 2006

To the Relaxacon again today, with more people there than anticipated on a Sunday morning and early afternoon. It was quite active and noisy while we were there and we semi-participated in a curiously lively discussion on first class vs. business class on airline flights, and listened to frequent flyer complaints about “amateur” flyers to boot.

I had taken three years worth of Asimov's and set them out on the free table and someone scarfed up the entire bundle in a matter of minutes. I have my suspicion that a dealer picked them up or someone saw them as a potential eBay sale, but at least someone will get some use from them. I had briefly entertained the idea of having Mike Resnick autograph the copy of Asimov's that had his Hugo-winning "Travels With My Cats" but ended up not doing it.

From there, to Borders and kayleigh a copy of Janet Evanovich's new Stephanie Plum novel, Twelve Sharp. This will give her a quick, fun read during vacation, and then she can go back to slogging her way through The Fountainhead.


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