June 24, 2006

kayleigh and I headed to the Relaxacon last night for a few hours. A different kind of “convention.” No programming, no panels, nothing but people sitting around tables playing cards or just talking, with the subject sometimes being science fiction. Some food, small art gallery, small dealer’s selection of books. Lots of people who have been the core of the Cincinnati Fantasy Group for years, I guess, some of them quite elderly.

kayleigh and I usually find a place to sit and watch the people and talk among ourselves. “That’s because we’re so content with us,” she said this morning. As nice as that is most of the time, sometimes it would be nice to become more involved. Both of us can talk to most anyone but for some reason this particular gathering makes me feel out of place and I’m not quite sure why. Maybe it’s because I read a lot less science fiction than I used to and seem to have forgotten a good deal. The discussions I heard were about a lot of the golden age writers — Heinlein, Asimov, Clement — perhaps a reflection of the age of the group as many are elderly — all of whom I’ve read and admired, but I couldn’t discuss why Farnham’s Freehold would have a hard time being published if it were written today, for example.

I just feel kind of stupid without anything to say. And it’s not just discussions about science fiction. I heard several conversations going about individuals and previous conventions which I know nothing about. Kind of dries up the well of knowledge.

We may go back up this evening or tomorrow again anyway. kayleigh got a hardback copy of Way Station by Clifford Simak (easier to read than the yellow paged paperback I had in my closet), and she bought me a $1 hardback copy of an autographed Ender’s War by Orson Scott Card I was surprised to find among the small stacks.

It’s just fun to spend time together.


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