Gina Ochsner, Maureen McHugh, Tobias Buckell and the business at hand

June 11, 2006

I picked up two books yesterday while at Joseph Beth Booksellers in Cincinnati. Joseph Beth is a fine bookstore which offers a far more eclectic mix of books than you find at other retailers. Both books have been on my list for a while now and I was happy to find them for the instant gratification factor. The first is a collection of short stories by Gina Ochsner, People I Wanted to Be. Oschner was interviewed a couple of months ago in a writing magazine and her stories sounded interesting.

The second book is another collection of short stories, Mothers & Other Monsters, by Maureen McHugh. The book has been well reviewed, but I actually heard of this collection via a librarian’s recommendation on NPR. (Maureen’s current blog can be found here.)

kayleigh and I met Maureen a couple of years ago at Context 17 where she was a participant. She is originally is from Loveland, close by, though she now lives in northern Ohio and looks to be moving to Austin, TX in the near future. As she will return to Context this year as Guest of Honor, I wanted to read some of her work. So far I’ve been delighted.

As a side comment, Joseph Beth has their upcoming events posted as newsletters on their restroom walls. What better place? Anyway, I was in the restroom, staring at said upcoming events during the business at hand, so to speak, when I saw a familiar name coming to town this Thursday for a reading — Tobias Buckell!

I had to laugh, wondering what Tobias would think of how I learned of his appearance here.


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