A Summerfair Washout and Recovery

June 4, 2006

Rain prevented me from going to Summerfair. Instead kayleigh and I ended up at Barnes & Noble drinking coffee and eating coffee cake. kayleigh went to Summerfair on Saturday with a friend though, and took a couple of pictures with her camera phone of Jean Joseph Monfort working on a canvas he’s apparently been working on for three months.Just as well that I didn’t go as I would have probably ended up spending far too much money!

What caused kayleigh a lot of excitement at Summerfair was the discovery of a local photographer who had taken some photos at the Rowe Woods Nature Center. Taken in the fall, one of the prints was of the bench on the pond where kayleigh and I frequently take lunch on Mondays. He only had a framed print of this, but he promised her he’s got an unframed print and she’s dropped him a note asking for details of purchase.

Another picture was a bit more sentimentally special. It’s a photograph of the cabin at Rowe Woods, a photo taken looking through the window from the outside and into the cabin, and out the far door. The picture is black and white except for the view outside the door, done in color. This window is where kayleigh first told me she loved me. Of course, since this was done with a little prompting by me (“Tell me you love me”), she now blames me for unleashing past six years worth of whispered “I love you.”

That’s a cross I’ll gladly bear.


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