Marcon 2006, Columbus

May 28, 2006

Home from Marcon. I hate re-entry. Reality begins to kick in around Kings Island, becomes more oppressive on 275 and then seems to concentrate, as if moving in a tunnel, along 52 on the way home.

All in all it was a pleasant weekend. The Hyatt in Columbus is a very big hotel and part of the convention complex, a short block from the Arena District. The "Dog Run" was happening again this weekend close to the hotel as it did last year. kayleigh and I walked over Saturday to see the dogs, many of whom had gotten wet in the children’s swimming pools the organizers had placed around. In the heat, the smell was quite "wet dog."

I was disappointed in the convention panels. There were a lot of what I considered weak subjects for the panels, and curious scheduling with the few good panels competing with one another. We only went to two panels all weekend, a reading by GoH George R.R. Martin, and a panel which featured Tobias Buckell and two other authors on "What Books Sucked You In," which was about the SF books which got you into the field, and those than continue to have some effect on you. We actually ended leaving both panels early, the second time leaving because of a couple of people in the audience monopolizing the commentary. But at least it allowed us to grab an excellent Italian dinner at Buca di Beppo.

It was a Star Trek themed con this year, the 40th anniversary of the original Star Trek, with one of the guests being Gene Roddenberry’s son, Rod. So there was a lot of ST costumes, along with the usual Star Wars costumes, the corn-fed women with too little clothing, Goth type costumes and the young women dressed as anime characters. kayleigh and I amused ourselves with many of the constumes and people, and I admired many of the good looking females although most of the women (and men) were overweight. It’s a sad statement of society when obesity is the norm, and if you’re fat but "not as fat as" the next person, you consider yourself good looking. Friday night we watched “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” with, of course, the re-enactment onstage in front of the movie going on behind them on the big screen.

In all honesty, kayleigh and I went to the con to spend time with one another, which we did. We spent more time together looking at the people during Marcon than we did participating or observing events. We did multiple rounds of the art show and dealers rooms. I bought – or successfully bid – on two small prints I mean to use as gifts, and kayleigh bid on one for me. She also picked up a pin for me which was amusing: "Dominant: person who makes unreasonable requests reasonably." We spoke to the man and woman selling that item, and they suggested we look in their "grey bag," in which they sell the more adult items which cannot be put out. This included D/s magazine they publish, and kayleigh and "allison" giggled over their respective neck jewelry. Coincidentally, this "allison" was the talkative woman from the Millenicon panel I mentioned a couple of months ago. When kayleigh offered her the money for the pin, she demurred, saying, "Pay the Sir."


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