Cold Service

April 8, 2005

Sometimes friends ask you to do things which you really don’t want to do. I’m not talking about driving them to the store or loaning them gas money or going out drinking when you don’t feel like it. I’m talking about misrepresentation, of lying for them, of doing something for them which you find disagreeable, and you disagree with.

Sometimes you even tell them you disagree with them. And sometimes they even say they agree they’re ‘probably wrong, but….’

That miserable tag line. ‘But.’

And so you end up doing things even though it goes against what you believe in, and what you yourself try not to do though you know you do it, but at least you try.

When you do these things for friends you have to face the fact that even though you think it’s wrong, not doing it may be even more wrong, because this is your friend asking and denying a friend equates to betrayal, doesn’t it? And so rather than betray the friend, you do what they ask because they are your friend, and in that ironic odd sort of way, you’re doing it for valid reason then, for them, and it is made right. Almost.

And sometimes you can do just enough behind the scenes to offset the wrong, make it a bit more palatable, and do enough to offset the request just a bit and make it just a bit more right, or at least, a little less wrong.

People make messes of situations, but if they’re tough, the situation will pass and they’ll eventually forgive themselves.

Like we eventually forgive those who put us in these situations.

But forgiveness demands no indulgence, and requires an admission of wrong and an attempt to make things right again.


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