Justification of geek lust….

February 11, 2005

For some time I've been looking at Tablet PCs, alternating drooling and then correcting myself, wondering what the hell I could use it for (read "justify the cost").

Actually, I *could* use one — at work, and why should I spend my own money for it? Yes, it would be handy to have with the upcoming switching in job roles and the fact I'm going to have to be mobile sometimes. Yes, it's lighter than most laptops, so I could use it when I'm writing in Borders or Starbucks or even in the car. Of course, I have a nice Dell laptop which I use most of the time, as well as an IBM Thinkpad which works just fine, and a tablet PC is just another laptop – no, a glorified PDA — no, both.

Adding to this geek-lust, I let kayleigh order a new Dell to replace the Dell laptop I'd bought her 2 years ago when I bought mine.

Well, we can't have that, can we?

So of course tonight I bought a highly-rated Toshiba tablet PC for less than $1900 via eBay, but still saved several hundred bucks off original cost. It has all the original software, equipment, 2.5 years remaining on a 3 year warranty, and even comes in it's original box, plus excellent video and a gig of RAM. I should have it Monday or Tuesday.



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