Leaving footprints…

February 9, 2005

I am usually one of the first people in the building when I get to work, and am certainly the first to use the side parking lot every day.

Today it was snowing heavily when I arrived, heavy, wet flakes that exploded on the windshield when driving. I got out of my car clutching a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks and walked from the side parking lot to the front of the building, bypassing the sidewalk which leads to the side of the building I normally take.

A few minutes later I exited the side door to run back out to my car. I left fresh footprints on the sidewalk leading away from the building, my first set of prints leading to the front door.

Walking back from my car I paused a moment at the juncture of these prints, these remainders of myself. One set lead to the front door, another wound their way towards me from the darkness at the side of the building. It was a somewhat disconcerting if odd experience, almost melancholy in nature, seeing these solitary prints in the snow leading to and from nowhere basically, but knowing I had been the one who left them, and that they were also leaving me.


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