Marillion and Irony

September 29, 2004

On Saturday morning kayleigh and I leave for Context 17, a science fiction convention in Columbus.

Following that, I’ll be taking kayleigh somewhere special, with resulting guilt, to see Marillion play in Cincinnati. Marillion has been a favorite group of mine for years, although I admit their last few albums haven’t impressed me nearly as much as their earlier ones. They’ve had two lead singers, Fish, who has gone on to a quiet but loyal solo following while retaining a near rabid loyalty from old Marillion fans, and Steve Hogarth, who has actually recorded more than twice as many Marillion albums as Fish did when with the band.

I’ve seen Marillion 3 times in concert, the first opening for Rush during their Force 10 tour, I believe, when Marillion performed the whole of “Misplaced Childhood” and absolutely captured my fancy along with my cousin’s, who was also there. Oddly, I had been admiring their album covers for a few years without knowing who they were. Two years later, Fish had left the band in a bitter departure and was replaced by Hogie. I saw them twice more at the same club we’ll be seeing them at this time, having also seen Fish again in Columbus about 9 years ago and having my picture taken with him.

The first time I saw Marillion, I was still married to my first wife. The second time, still married but with my wife in prison, I had begun an affair with the woman who would become my wife. My cousin went with us as we were huge fans together, and this was the first time he’d met my then girlfriend and was completely taken with her.

My third Marillion performance was laced with bittersweet. It happened within a month of my seeing Fish solo in Columbus, and within two months of the break with my cousin that I’ve discussed elsewhere in this blog, and whom I could not help missing at both shows.

And now with this fourth performance, there is also the irony of my taking another woman to see the band.


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