Trying to find something to read and finding too much….

August 16, 2004

Sometimes I have great difficulty figuring out what I want to read. Having just finished Orson Scott Card's Children of the Mind, the last of the Ender Saga, I am now wandering my shelves in search of.

Current stacks of magazines include Windows, which I'm almost caught up on, a couple issues of each of Foreign Policy, American Scholar, and Reason, and a year's worth of Asimov's Science Fiction, not to mention a great number of Bottom Line and The Week.

Along with the magazines, I have a 'to read' list of books on my iPaq (along with ebooks and audio books on the iPaq– currently listening to Clinton's My Life, read by the author) , as well as the mysterious half-misty list in my head which I keep coming back to. Along with all the books which haven't called me back to them several times after acquiring them, I would like to read Neil Peart's book Ghost Rider, which I've started twice and gotten sidetracked from. On the shelves is a book on the Scottish Enlightenment circa 1700, another on Napoleon and his women, Founding Brothers (about the Founding Fathers), One Hundred Years of Solitude, some John Steinbeck (I've never read Grapes of Wrath or East of Eden), the Knights Templar book I bought at discount at B&N, the Monarch butterfly migration book, more Essays of Montaigne, Ayn Rand's Journals, and now, after the Ender books and the upcoming SF convention, a taste for science fiction is calling me back (though I'm trying to stay away from a couple of series I haven't read yet), with CJ Cherryh and Kim Stanley Robinson at the forefront.

There are several books of short stories — Patricia Highsmith, John Updake, Harlan Ellison rereads, and V.S. Naipal's essays, the remainder of the Conan stories, The Collections' author Jonathan Franzen's book of essays, How to Be Alone, the book Eryn sent me The Tain, an Irish legend, and biographies of Stalin, Lady Pompadour, and Livia, Augustus Caesar's wife, and of course Understanding Thomas Jefferson and Jim Harrison's new book True North, and the occasional erotica.

So, after picking up the Scottish enlightenment book, and Founding Brothers, I am leaning towards Founding Brothers since it's in the area I've been interested in of late, American history. But who knows, it's subject to whim….!


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